Monday, April 28, 2008

Silver linings

So I look out my bathroom window Saturday morning and I see a clump of yellow things in my woods. I think to myself "those look like daffodils". I sent W out to check on them and they were, indeed about 15-20 daffodils growing in the middle of my woods. No idea how they got there. I figured I never noticed them last year as they were behind what was still burnt rubble. So I head out with my wheelbarrow and shovel, all ready to re-locate the lovely flowers to my front garden where they can be enjoyed. As I started to dig, loving the rich earth in my forest, I realized, it was VERY rich- literally black. Then I noticed it wasn't earth. It was burnt ash. These daffodils had been by the old house. I have no idea how they came to be moved into the woods. No burnt rubble had been put that far back. No plants that had been resuced had been moved into that area. Simply put, God even saw fit to save my daffodils.

Now I know that may sound silly, but I like to think that He knew how much that would make me smile. It's another one of the little blessings that have come out of this.

And I am completely in love with this time of year on our property. I think I missed it last year. We were still settling in to the trailer, and I really didn't appreciate the beauty of the forest while our previous home was in shambles and blocking the view of the woods. I really didn't go in there much last year. Already we're living outdoors every chance we get.

Lots of people have been asking me about the adoption. Things are moving right along. I actually got a call from our agent today, and she said that we need to send in our next chunk of money earlier than she realized. Our file hasn't been approved by the ministy (government) yet, but the head of the mission that we're working with is going away for May and wants to get our file sent off to South Africa before we go. Apparently this is VERY unusal, as it's never sent until after ministry approval is received, but she didn't want any delays while she was gone. Now here's the weird part. My understanding is that as soon as it's approved and sent to South Africa, we can get matched with a child. So if the person at the mission is anticipating that we will receive approval during May, and then all that is lacking is for us to be matched and travel a few weeks later, this may happen even earlier than we had thought- which was already earlier than we had thought at first! So now I wonder if we'll get through the summer before we go to SA. There is a trip out east planned that may be jeopardized... getting ahead of myself again. At least I know we'll be able to go to the wedding- that is not to be comprimised- but here I go again, ruining the family picture that we get done there(every one we have had done has been made out-of-date shortly thereafter by the birth, and now adoption of a child).

For now I'll wait for the phone call, spend time in my garden with my rescued flowers, and dream of life with a little girl.