Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some people just get it.

I love Saturdays, especially now that the boys are in school. We just get to hang out, maybe run a couple of errands, etc. Today is W's year-end hockey party, so a good time will be had by all there, I'm sure. J is very much looking forward to is as we will be playing soccer there- at the hockey party. Strange, now that I think about it.

So I wake up this morning and see W just standing there hugging his birthday present- a brand new shiny goalie helmet with a fierce reptile-lizard thing painted all over it. A 10 year old's dream. He says he thinks it's the best present he's ever gotten. So I was pretty pleased that we were able to get him one for such a great deal. You know the feeling you get when you have found the absolute perfect gift.

Fast forward to later in the morning. We are downstairs, I am catching up on e-mails etc. and the kids are all playing around. W walks up to me and says he made a mistake, that the helmet wasn't the best gift he's ever gotten. I am wondering if he remembered something else better, or if he has suddenly changed his mind and doesn't want to play goal anymore- not sure what's coming. I ask him why this is, and what he could have gotten that's better than the helmet, and he just turns around and looks right as his little sister. She is the best gift he's ever gotten. Wow- that he came up with that on his own. Love that guy. I can almost agree with him- she is ONE of the best gifts I have ever gotten, but she's dead-even with about 3 others in my life.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm old.

My baby is turning 10 in 2 days. Hard to believe I'm old enough to have a 10 year old. Today is the family dinner for him, and I find myself thinking of 10 years ago right now. I was FAT. And really naive. If I knew 10 years ago what my life would be like today I don't know if I'd believe it. So much has happened in the blink of an eye. Scares me to think that our time with him at home with us is probably about half over already. And there's so much left to teach him.

Right now, though he is more interested in getting on and racing the cars he has designed for the next 30 minutes. Ah, to be a kid again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another day another dollar

Went to work today and did my thing. Spent approximately 6 hours putting pills into little cubby holes. When I think of it that way I'm not really sure why I enjoy my job. Maybe it's because I am such a task oriented person. When I arrive at work the counter is empty, and when I leave it is lined full of bags of dossettes waiting to be final-checked by the pharmacist and delivered. Nice to know I'm making someone's day easier by sorting their meds for them (I'd need one too if I was on as many rx's as these people!). I've started a habit of praying for the people while I am filling their dosette- I have never and probably will never see most of them, but I figure God knows them and their needs, so I'll just lift them up to him. If I was on 12-15 different meds, I'd need prayer too.

But the whole time I do this, I listen to the pharmacist on duty, and sometimes I think, "I knew the answers to those questions... why will it take so long for me to get back my license- just give it to me already!". And then there are times when I listen in and think, "I have forgotten so much, I'll never be able to re-learn it all, maybe it's not worth it." Who knows. My dream is to get it back and open up a little store with my hubby- those are my favorite days at work- the ones where I get to work with him. Again, who knows.

Kids are home from school now- time to take off the pharmacist hat and put on the mom hat.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

random thoughts again

So I`ve decided why it is I haven`t blogged in, well... forever. I enjoy it much more when I feel I have something thoughtful to say, and since having three kids, my life has been very busy with the everyday. I am enjoying it immensely, but really can`t think of anything clever to say about it. It`s run here, drive there, do this and that around the house and with the kids (not necessarily in that order...), and I really can`t find how anyone would see that as interesting.

But I hear again and again, `You haven`t been blogging`. People really do seem to want to read about my mundane life. About the fact that I am ordering shutters for the front windows on my house (same red as the front door- SO excited about these!) and that I am planning my deck and a quilt for my bed thanks to an unexpectedly large tax refund.

Guess I should think about writing about my blessings (for there are several, to put it mildly!) and not my errands. Right now I am being blessed with the company of my parents, listening to my mom playing Sorry in the kitchen with Jon and wishing I could hear the conversation between my hubby and dad out on the golf course (highly entertaining, I am sure). I am going to go now and plan the grocery list- a blessing because it involves planning meals with the extended family, one of my favorite things.

I`ll try to blog more often, in between being busy enjoying my blessings.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm baaaaack.

Well here it is. I am blogging again. Are you happy now, dad? Gotta go so I can visit with you.