Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quant shoppes and roller coasters

I think I experienced two opposite extremes of shopping today. This morning we went to Stillwater- a very quaint little town with lovely stores. Got some stuff for my kitchen, got new stationary, and some toys. All the shops were so cute- reminded me a lot of Merrickville.

After lunch we went to the Mall of America. I had just as good a time there, but it was spaced in between roller coasters and other rides for the kids. Got some more kitchen stuff, and, amazingly enough- clothes for me! I have a new outfit that is just waiting for some shoes (cute little brown sandals, I think) and jewellry. So much fun- now I'm pooped. The boys are playing with their new lego cars- they were fairly delirious walking into a store selling nothing but lego and made entirely of lego. It was very cool. We're having a quiet supper here in the hotel room eating what the boys didn't eat at lunch (gotta love doggie bags) and possibly a swim in the pool (for them not me- I didn't get to buy a bathing suit today- I was having too much fun to do such a depressing thing)

Tomorrow it's off to the zoo- we have to be there for the dolphin show at 10, and then there's a shark feeding at 11:30. Doesn't sound like any zoo I've ever been to- think it will be lots of fun for the boys. My plan is to have them so tired out that they will sleep the whole 14 hour drive back to Brantford... and I think, not for the first time.... Query: is it totally insane to drive a total of 19 hours to a place you will only get to spend 2 days in?

I miss my hubby- it will be nice to see him again. Don't think I'll go away again for quite a while. We see little enough of each other as it is, I don't like leaving him home all alone. So if you read this dear- love you!

Monday, April 23, 2007

A longer day

I'm tired. We drove through 5 states today. I've never been to Wisconsin before, so I can cross that one off my list. That leaves only 9 states that I haven't been to- not bad if you ask me. The boys were so good, I was proud of them. It's amazing how long counting water towers can amuse a 5 year old. And when we hit Chicago- jackpot. Guess there's a lot of thirsty people in the windy city.

Tomorrow morning we go shopping, which I am looking forward to. Tomorrow afternoon we go to the Mall of America, which we are all looking forward to. W heard about Legoland today, and was duly impressed. Think I'll have to take my camera- it will be a great time.

Met my nephew's girlfriend today, and can now see what the fuss is all about. She's what you would call a keeper. I am hoping that she'll be able to spend some time with us while we're here, so I can get to know her a little better.

Bedtime. I still can't figure out how sitting doing nothing in a car all day can be so exhausting. And I wasn't even driving.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A long day

Great day for driving- the boys and I hopped in the car right after church and drove to Brantford. They are so good in the car- 5 hours was nothing for them. Tomorrow will be the test though- 14 hours to Minnesota. But hey, the Mall of America awaits us at the end, and a trip to the Minneapolis zoo. Should be too fun. If we're not too wasted after the drive, that is. W is just impressed that he'll be going through 5 states in 1 day, none of which he's ever been to before.

E and some friends rummaged through house junk today while I was driving here. They found more treasures, much to my delight. The best of which was the other half of our wedding cake topper. Apparently one wing of the angel is broken on the tip, and it's pretty black, but I am going to try to clean it up. A necklace was found (missing the stone- I can get a new one put in I think), and another necklace. It remains to be seen if it's salvageable. Oh and a mouse, which B2 whisked off to safer ground.

Off to bed- 6 am comes early.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Today I am refreshed and relaxed. Yesterday was NUTS. It went well, though. Cat's visit to the vet: fine- cat is healthy. Meeting with insurance adjustor: great- added lots of stuff to the list and even remembered some MORE stuff for the contents list. Shopping trip: crazy but fun. It was more of a power shopping trip as I had 2 hours to find a dress, shoes and jewellry with boys in tow. I found a cute dress- nothing like anything I had before, but I do believe it would have made Stacey and Clinton proud. Very cute jewellry to go with it, and shoes that would make S very proud of me. (I may have to bring them to Minnestota just so you can see them). Then it was home for a quick shower while the boys packed their overnight bags, got ready, dropped the boys off at a friend's for a sleepover, and picked hubby up from work. We drove to our evening out, which was awesome. Just what I needed. Great food, met some really cool people, and enjoyed awesome music. Even got to dance with hubby several times without twisting his arm. Then we stayed at the inn overnight in a very cute room. I think I have fallen in love with Westport, and we are planning on spending a whole day there with the boys sometime this summer. It would be gorgeous in the fall too. It's right on the water, so with the exception of salt air, it reminded me a lot of the maritimes- someplace like Mahone Bay. We came back this morning, played with the boys here, and had a picnic lunch on our lawn. Who wants to eat inside when it's 21 degrees, and the bugs aren't out yet??

After that I went treasure hunting for a bit... found one of the two angels that was our wedding cake topper. I cried when I found it. No sign of the other one, but I cleaned up the one I found and it doesn't look too bad. Then I found a little black box that I had been looking for- containing some jewellry I bought in MB. The box was toast, but inside, the jewellry was good as new- I couldn't believe it! I looked for a while more and found nothing, then I had to stop. I can go for quite a while, and then all of a sudden I am overwhelmed and can't face it anymore. I've learned to stop as soon as that happens, and then I am able to go back to it later. I am hoping my hubby will be able to do a little of that for me while I'm away next week. My days of having rubble to sort through are numbered. In some ways that makes me glad, and in some ways I want to keep it here until I'm absoloutely sure that I have found everything there is to find. Everything I am finding is special to me- anything that I didn't really like all that much anyway isn't turning up. How convenient! If only I could find my diamond. And, weird as it sounds, I want to find the cat. Just so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he isn't out there somewhere fending for himself.

I don't want to go back out yet. Maybe I'll look through my new book of house plans... there's good therapy for ya.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Aaah, sunshine

Wow- what a difference a little sunshine can make. Yesterday the boys spent every spare second outside, J pedalling his little tricycle up and down the driveway, and W whizzing by on his two wheeler- now without training wheels. It's such good therapy to look outside and see them enjoying the sun. They'd come inside when called for a meal, gulp it down as fast as they could, and zip right back out again. We will need to get them in here to do at least a little school some time this morning!

Another busy day today- Max has his vet checkup this morning, and after that our insurance adjustor comes over. I have decided to go and buy myself a new dress and some jewellry this afternoon. Totally boring for the boys, but I am being taken out by my hubby for our anniversary tonight, and I can honestly say I have nothing to wear. So hopefully I'll be able to get something without too much frustration.

Got birdseed yesterday- the finches have been visiting our empty feeders looking for lunch, but to no avail. They have been cleaned out, so I'm going to fill them this morning and we'll watch the feast begin. I just love to watch them- although it always makes me think how unfair it is that the male birds always seem to be the more attractive with the lovely bright colors. You know they don't appreciate that beauty like the female birds would (they'd probably go out and get little matching handbags).

Must go and at least get in a grammar lesson before heading off to the vet. School is definitely going to go later than usual this year. That won't be so bad once things get really hot. The boys will prefer to be inside with the air conditioning than playing outside anyway. May as well let them enjoy it while it's perfect out there.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yesterday we finally got outside for quite a while. The boys played and rode their bikes, but no sooner had I gone outside than I felt the pull of the rubble with the promise of more treasures to be found. And I was not disappointed. It took some interesting acrobatics (E would not have been impressed with me) but I found a little pottery whale that W had painted at his 4th birthday party, and a really nice watch that E gave me early in our marriage. It didn't work, but is in good shape, so it may be saveable. I think there are more treasures in there, but I won't get time to find them today. It's shaping up to be busy.

We also saw 3 wild turkey sauntering around our yard yesterday, a new sight on our property. The boys thought they were pretty cool, and it was nice to see some critters around. I think they are glad to see the sunshine too.

Today we are doing a light load of school, and then it's co-op this afternoon and Awana tonight (last night for the boys so they will be finishing their books). Throw in a visit to the chiro and some errands and that should keep us out of trouble (and out of the great outdoors, too, unfortunately!)

And on the house front, our insurance has come up with a quote for rebuilding. They have broken it all down, which is a good thing, as after going over the list, I realized they had forgotten some very crucial things. Like several windows, our wood stove, mantle, hearth, and insert (the brick was there, but nothing else), mirror and medicine chests in our bathrooms, the counter and cupboards in one bathroom, lights in various rooms, wrong floorings, etc. And they only allowed us a couple of thousand for kitchen cupboards. Anyone who's built a kitchen knows how expensive that is! So I get to call them today and add to the list- but that's good as it adds to the $$!

Off to start my day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

5 wonderful minutes

I woke up before the boys this morning- a rare occurrence, as they are usually my alarm clock. So I did what I have tried to do before and get up before them to enjoy some lovely solitude. No such luck- I think they can hear me putting my slippers on. Ah well, at least I got to eat my cereal alone with my thoughts. Now I can hardly hear my own thoughts as they run around our trailer playing with the cat, playing lego, and constantly asking me questions while I try to read e-mail, chat with S and B, and blog all at the same time. I have to remind myself, almost hourly, that lots of questions are a sign of an intelligent child. (or at least a nosy one).

Today will be spent at home- well not entirely- just discovered that we have not yet bought a plunger. No need to elaborate on the reason for that discovery.

But the rest of today- school work, getting ready for a novel study at Co-op tomorrow, and... wait for it... time OUTSIDE IN THE SUNSHINE!!! Yes, there is still a sun up in the sky and it's actually poked it's face out in the first time for... months, I think. Well, the multitasking is starting to hurt my head, and gotta get those school books taken care of before the sun decides to go south for a few more days.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The new normal

So life seems to be pretty much back to normal in our house. School today was the best we've had in weeks- don't think J had a single meltdown- not even over those pesky "doubles plus one" math facts :). The boys are busy reading books for co-op this week and just getting back into the routine. It's raining out AGAIN today, but that's OK. We have swimming this afternoon, and tonight we're going to the Lynx home opener game. W won tickets on the radio a few days back, so he's very excited about going. Great seats too.

I'm feeling up to going tonight- wondered if I would after yesterday. Caught E's cold, and spent the day sneezing and blowing my nose. After the boys were in bed, I went to bed myself at 8:30, set up a movie to watch on the laptop, and promptly passed out in front of it. Woke up at 11 with a high fever, but by then hubby was home from Bible study to take care of me (which is good, as it involved codeine- slept like a baby).

Seems my plants still aren't safe from Maximus the plant slayer. Found him on top of the kitchen cabinets this morning- he had hopped from the counter to the fridge and up. So now we've had to put a couch cushion up there to block his path to my precious plants. Turkey. Ah well, he's settled in nicely and is even letting us pick him up now and again. I think he was mistreated in his former home- just the way he shies away from us once in a while. I can't imagine why anyone would have a pet if all they wanted to do was be mean to it. But he is slowly learning to trust us, and even cuddled up on the bed for a while last night. I'll have to figure out how to get a pic from my new camera onto the computer to post. Tomorrow. I've promised W he can play on the computer before swimming lessons.

Monday, April 16, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I wouldn't mind this snow if it were, say, Janurary. It would also be an excellent Christmas Eve snow. But on April 16, a full week after Easter, it's just wrong. The seedlings that survived my attack cat aren't going to know what's going on. They're expecting warm sunshine, singing birds. There is no sunshine, and my birdfeeder stand fell over because there was so much snow on it.

Maximus the plant slayer is adjusting very well to life in our house. He's becoming very affectionate (so much so that I've almost tripped over him winding in and around my legs as I walk several times). He didn't spend the whole night last night meowing as he did the night before. A blue balloon has his hunting instincts on high alert this morning. It was most entertaining when the furnace came on and caused the balloon to hover over a vent about 6 inches off the ground. It was as if he thought the balloon was going to retaliate. Too funny.

Starting back at school today. We've had a total of 3 weeks off because of the fire. Plus March break (in February) and a week off next week for a trip. Guess it's a good thing winter is sticking around extra long. I won't feel like I'm finishing too late when it's late June and we're still wearing our parkas.

Wonder if there's a seat sale on to Florida...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Maximus, the plant slayer

So Max is certainly getting over his shyness. Came home from church today to find he had eaten all the baby leaves off my ivy and totally demolished my lovely little baby tomatoes (ALL of them) and even some of my peppers. Sigh. Guess they'll have to be put up every time I go out. Well, at least he's feeling at home. I'm just glad none of the plants were poisonous. Guess there'll be no poinsettias in the house come Christmas time.

Weather is crappy again today. Oh, how I wish for some sunshine! I want to get outside, and let the boys run around. But it's rainy and just plain cold. Maybe tomorrow. Starting school again then- hopefully that will go well in the trailer. And life will be normal again (the new normal- for now anyway).

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Queen of the double-wide trailer

Ok, so it's not a double wide, but it sure seems like it after our more recent accomodations. It's 720 blissful square feet of tacky curtains and wood panelling. But it's all ours, for a while anyway. We got it on Tuesday, moved in from Tues til Thurs, and finally got hydro on Thursday. (Considered titling post "Hydro One is of the devil"). But now the place is cozy warm, I'm in love with my gas stove, and am simply enjoying my own space. I am not enjoying looking at the burnt ruins of my previous home, but it serves as a reminder of how lucky (I use the term loosely) we were not to be home.

My other reminder of the past and my blessings is the meowing I hear as I type this. Yes, we adopted a cat today. Went to the shelter with promises to the boys "we are NOT taking a cat home today". A quick trip to Wal-Mart for supplies, and then back to pick up Max. I think I knew deep down we would indeed be taking a cat home today. Don't know if hubby did- thought it best not to tell him that for fear of getting "the look". He wasn't our first choice- a 3 month old kitten named "william" was, but after some thought, we didn't feel right about him. Didn't act like a kitten should- made me wonder if he was sickly. But Max (named Major by the shelter- I called him Max by mistake and it stuck) is cool. He looks a lot like Enzo did with a neat white mark near one eye. He's about 8 months old, and once he adjusts, I think he'll work out fine. He's already come out of hiding several times. He is very shy though- he was taken out of a home by the cruelty prevention officer, we don't know what for. But if you sit still he'll come quite close- as soon as you move he's gone. Makes me wonder. Ah well, we'll give him time and lots of love and he'll come around.

The recent snow is gone. The birds were out in full force today. I'd better buy some more birdseed (insurance will pay for it, after all!) and get them used to coming here. I've been avoiding going outside, but sooner or later, I will need to do that. Can't hide inside just cuz there's ugly stuff out there.

Monday, April 9, 2007

In lieu of Tuesday

I know I probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow. Spent part of the afternoon and evening with our friends from Calgary. They called late morning- hadn't gotten in until midnight last night and then took quite a while to get the kids settled in the hotel. So they slept in this morning. They landed here a little before supper, and we had an awesome visit and went to Boston Pizza to eat (decided by the kids). It was great to see them. Their baby is a doll, and the other kids have grown- hate it when kids do that when I'm not looking!

After supper, I took them out to the house site, as they wanted to see where we lived and would be rebuilding. As always, it was hard, and weird. But it was probably good as I hadn't been there in a while and it has helped to make tomorrow a little easier.

Tomorrow. Hope it goes well. I don't know if it'll be crazy busy, or just long. Guess we'll wait and see. I'm really hoping we can sleep there tomorrow night. Who knows though- don't want to get ahead of myself.

Time for a glass of wine- I wonder what's on TV?


Today hasn't exactly turned out as planned. There has been no word from our friends in Calgary who were supposed to arrive in town last night. I have lost her e-mail address, so I can't contact her that way- she was supposed to call (has the hotel info and my cell number) so we could connect. I'm disappointed, as I was really looking forward to spending the day with them and seeing their new baby girl.

On the bright side, E went to work today, to find out that he wasn't scheduled, and so he unexpectedly has the day off! (I'm trying not to think of the missed income). So he's on his way home right now to spend the day with us.

Talked to the trailer man this morning- if all goes according to plan, we may even be able to move in tomorrow night! Which would be awesome, as then E can help me cart everything over instead of me doing it by myself on Wednesday. It's supposed to arrive around 9 am tomorrow, and I could end up spending a good part of the day there. Hopefully it won't be too boring for the boys... we'll have to take some of their toys and they can play in the trailer after it comes. They've got swimming lessons too- can't forget about that- and a visit to the chiropractor. Busy day all around.

Because tomorrow will be taken up at the site, I ended up doing my shopping this morning- lovely retail therapy at Wal-mart. Burned up the last of our gift cards and then some, but I got a ton more stuff for my kitchen, and bedding for the boys (Hot Wheels for W and Nascar for J)- they were very excited. And a new watch. Will have to go back in the next few days and finish filling in the gaps though. Tomorrow I'll have to hit the grocery store (maybe Wednesday) and stock my fridge- that'll be no small feat. I am hoping to be organized enough to get the boys back at school on Thursday. Just realized their Awana books are still at the G's farm- gotta get those so we can work on their verses for Thurs. Only a few weeks left and they're so close to finishing their books - I'd hate to see them be a section or two short, they've worked so hard all year.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Easter Sunday has long been my favorite day of the year. It just fills me with joy thinking of the suffering of Christ ending in such a miracle. This year it's taken on a whole new meaning, though. I am trying to picture what will be, in a few months, standing where there are now piles of charred rubble and ash. It will be beautiful, and it will be very cool to see it come together. I think it will be hard to live there for the first little while, as we will have to look at the reminders of the fire for quite a while as we wait for the rebuilding to begin. I hope to have some time to sort through more of the rubble (as it should be thawed by now) and hopefully find a few more specific things I was looking for.

I had a dream about the new house last night- comical, really. I dreamed that we moved into the trailer and they started building the house the next day. I went out shopping, and by the time I got back, they had finished all the framework and completely finished the main level. Only problem was they hadn't checked with me at all regarding what I wanted done with the place. Everything was terribly ugly, from cheap looking cabinets and ugly tiles and counters in the kitchen to 1970's orange and brown vinyl floor all through the living room. And they had forgotten to make berooms. I got quite upset and told them they had to fix it, but they said they couldn't as this was all the insurance company would cover! Strange- kinda like those dreams you have right before your wedding where all those strange things go wrong. Guess it's all weighing on my mind more than I realized!

I am missing my dog today. I saw a black dog being walked along the sidewalk and it reminded me of her. I want her back. Have I mentioned that?

My boys are down in the swimming pool and I promised I'd join them. I won't swim, but I'll go down and watch like Moms do.

Oh, and J- I think I'll take up your offer to come shopping with me on Tuesday. I'll have to be at the trailer site for a while too, but E is working and I want your company if you're still up for it.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

of chocolates and car rides

Lovely day today. Started with an Easter basket hunt for the boys- we don't do the Easter bunny. (Pagan roots and all that) The baskets are from E and I, and have a little candy and a small toy. W got a lego set (we've got a LOT of Lego to replace), and J the new "Midnight". I haven't seen him that excited over a present since... well, since last Easter when he got the first Midnight. The dog was taken everywhere with him today. I was happy to see the desired reaction to his gift.

Then it was 10 1/2 hours on the road all by myself. Some people thrive on time with others. I thrive on time with me and God. I prayed, sang (loudly with no concern for tone), and talked to myself (and for once, wasn't interrupted). After 5 hours, I landed in Brantford, loaded up my car with lovely clothes and dishes, etc, then turned around and drove 5 hours back. Have discovered that the gas tank on my Honda is not QUITE big enough to make the drive there on one fill- highly annoying. Then when I got back it was off to dinner with my boys, and then time for computer work. E is out watching the UFC fight at the W's. I hope he has a great time. I'm glad I'm not there. Hate UFC.

Tomorrow's Easter. Looking forward to that dinner at J's. Mmmmm- bird.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Room service anyone?

So now we're sitting in our hotel suite, J and E munching down the last of the kids' orders of chicken fingers and fries, a hockey game on TV and Hot Wheels cars everywhere. We've moved out of the G's- almost like the end of an era :). We all survived yesterday's craziness quite nicely, and spent today packing up all our stuff and heading out. Once we're finished supper and it has a chance to settle, we're heading downstairs for a swim. I plan to mostly sit in the hot tub, although that may give me the bug to get one at our new house!

Tommorow I will spend most of the day in the car- 6 hour drive to Brantford, load up a bunch of stuff for the trailer from my sister's house (who won't even be there), then turn around to come back. I'll probably OD on that solitude I've been craving for so long. The boys will spend the day getting haircuts, helping the G's out on the farm (good thing, we haven't seen them in so long!), and hanging out in the pool.

Sunday will be church (my FAVE Sunday of the year- Easter!), probably a swim, then Easter dinner at J's (haven't forgotten about the pies).

Monday we'll be seeing friends who are here from Calgary- that's their only day to spend with us as Tuesday they'll be spending the day with the Harpers. As in Steven and his family- yes, the PM. It's very surreal that close friends of ours are close friends with the Prime Minister. Their kids played together when the Harpers were still in Calgary.

Tuesday is trailer setup and MUCH shopping. I'm starting to enjoy that aspect entirely too much. I'll have to get it out of my system while it's still on the insurance company's bill. But as E's back to work on Monday, I'm sure Tuesday will be a tad crazy with the boys and me. Ah well, that's OK, because...

Wednesday- we're not homeless anymore! Be it ever so humble, there will be no place like our 720 square foot trailer.

Time to go dig out the bathing suits- nothing scarier than me in a bathing suit in winter...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Crazy day today. School. Field trip (I know we won't finish school first, and J has already begun to dig his heels in). Awana. Band. Preparing service for tomorrow (can't do that until after band is over tonight). Helping B2 cart her kids around. Chiropractor. Pack for hotel tomorrow. Clean room for B2's in-laws. Too much in one day. Hate these days.

Tomorrow is the hotel. Aaahhh. Room service. Maid service. Swimming pool. Real bed. Thoughts of the hotel are keeping me sane. For now.

What am I doing? I don't have time to blog today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I'm on kid duty today. B2 has R at the historica fair, and I have M and A along with my boys. So I've been on the computer all morning while they play games and go outside to splash in the puddles. Tough job, but someone has to do it.

Got a phone call from our builder today- he has a number for rebuilding (and removal of crap). It's way more than I expected. I am excited! Finally some progress. I have to call my insurance lady and see what her builders have come up with for numbers. Hopefully they'll be similar. I think we can get a nice house for this amount, but trying not to get my hopes too high. Gotta keep both feet on the ground!

It feels like the huge ball of progress is beginning to roll. It'll take a while to get it up to speed, but once it starts, I have a feeling it'll be quite a ride!

And if it's stressful, just think of all the retail therapy I have waiting for me. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

life as I know it.

Don't know why I chose that title. Usually, I do my blog and then title it, or at least know what I'm going to write about before I pick a title. I have no idea where this blog will go, but I felt that should be my title today.

Day has been rough- nothing to do with the recent happenings. Just belligerent little guy in school today. J has been digging his heels in and I've been having to lay down the law. I must win this one, and things will be smooth on the other side. It's been so nice to have another mom around to tell me "you're not the only one who goes through this", and "no, you're not being too hard on him", and basically, " you go girl!". Gives me the backbone to see it through.

Went out for some more retail therapy today- not as fun as the camera yesterday though (which, by the way, is LOVELY). Bought new computer software. Financial stuff- blah. But I figured it's time I start keeping the books again.

And I need a new name. Hubby has one- "fearless", and J has one- "serendipity". They discussed it, and realized that I don't have one. I agree that I should. J suggested "faith", which I liked at the time, but on thinking it over, don't think I'll stick with. Just not true enough to the core- while I do have faith, and God has been growing it, that's not the root of what's happened in me. I've thought it over, and think I want it to be "hope". It has a more joyful expectancy of the future in it. When I'm in heaven with my Jesus, and my Josh, and even my silly dog and cat. Oh, and Moses- that'll be cool. (And I'd like to ask Noah why he took two mosquitos on board.)

I'm starting to pack up for the hotel- I know it's early yet, but it's helping me get my head around what I have and don't have for the trailer. And J has wonderfully offered to get an e-mail sent out asking people what they have for me so I don't buy duplicates. Anything I can check off my mental list is helpful.

Hubby is still sick today, but went to work anyway. I cancelled our dinner plans for tonight, as he has informed me that when he comes home he's going straight to bed. Poor guy- that's the kicker of being self-employed- you don't get paid for sick days. I'll have to warm up some of that homemade chicken soup for him.

So that's life as I know it.

Monday, April 2, 2007

good friends

I am feeling encouraged and refreshed this morning. Serendipity called to pray for me, but first to give me a loving scolding. It's great to have friends to won't tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear, and do it in a way that makes you feel so loved. I don't have to be tough, she said. It's OK for me to be sad, angry, whatever. And I am- on the inside... maybe I just need some more time to let it out. I am going to be in the car all day on Saturday driving to Brantford and back- that will be some great time to be alone with God and have a few talks with him (and perhaps a therapuetic temper tantrum?). Then she prayed for me. It's amazing how I can just feel God's arms around me when someone is praying for me. I love it.

In other news, I should be careful what I wish for. E is not better today. But he is so sick that he didn't argue staying home from work. He's currently comatose on the air mattress beside the computer. I hope he can sleep it off and be back on his feet soon. Gotta go call his work and tell them he won't be in.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

sickness, shopping, and sadness

So now E is sick. Started feeling icky this afternoon and lay on the couch the rest of the day (still there, actually) in a gravol daze drinking gingerale. Poor guy. I hope he's either all better tomorrow or so miserable he can't stand up. I know that sounds sick, but if he's in between he'll try and go to work even if he really shouldn't be there. Of course, I wish him healthy, but if he's got to be sick, I want him home and resting.

I'm going shopping tomorrow. Have to buy luggage and a bathing suit for E for the hotel. And a camera- never been without one this long, and never spent as much as I will on the one I'm buying tomorrow- digital slr. I'm giddy about it.

I'm hesitant to buy too much else. People have been telling me they have things for me, but aren't giving them to me yet as they know there's really no room here for them. But we will have room in the trailer... I don't want to buy stuff in case I'm duplicating what people will be giving us- and how do you tactfully ask someone what they are giving you so you don't go out and buy one without sounding greedy? Have to think on that one.

Poor little J tonight- I was tucking him in and he just started to cry. He said, "Mommy, I want to go home". Hard to tell your kid that you can't do that. But not long, I told him. Only 10 more sleeps. I think the displacement has been harder on them than the fire itself- odd, I wouldn't have expected that. He also had a good cry about the dog. As did W about the cat the other day. He just came in and sat on my lap and started bawling. Hard to see your kid cry, but he hadn't really done much of it yet, so I think it was good for him to get it out. It's so frustrating for me not to be able to change that- take all my stuff, I want my pets back. For me AND the boys. Ugh- get over it, B.