Saturday, October 31, 2009

200 and counting.

So I signed on to post another blog, not really feeling like blogging, but feeling somewhat of an obligation resulting from the heckling I get from my family every time I take an extended leave of absence from blog-land. Then I noticed that this is my 200th post, so I feel the need to say something deep and profound. But mostly I'm wondering what I could blog about that would get made into a movie and make me rich, like the girl in "Julie and Julia". Great movie. Highly recommend it for foodies, girls in general and guys who want to impress girls by not taking them to an action-packed-things-blowing-up movie.

I got nuthin. So instead we have...

Update on the fam. I have five shifts left. 5. FIVE. Cinq. Cinqo. FIIIIIIVE. Then I get a week off, then a lovely 6 hour exam, and then I get to be a pharmacist again. I hope that by then the H1N1 panic has worn off. Seriously people- some of us just have a cold right now. Just because I am coughing and blowing my nose does not mean that I have the bubonic plague and will infect all of you and your loved ones. I was seriously considering pretending to cough up a lung all over every prescription just before I gave it to customers the other day at work, just to see their reaction and perhaps chuckle as they ran screaming out the door. Don't get me wrong, I know that H1N1 is a pretty nasty bug and that it's no fun to have. My dad has it right now and I am praying for his quick recovery. But there is a fine line between educated concern and outright paranoia. Most people are erring on the side of paranoia. But enough of that.

The kidlets all went on their annual extortion run aka trick-or-treating tonight. I headed out the door with Batman, a fairy princess, and Optimus Prime in tow. A good time was had by all, and now hubby and I are wondering what we can sneak out of their loot bags undetected.

W had a good lesson in helping others today. Went to hockey practice for his Atom B team at noon, got home after working VERY hard for an hour (around 1:40 by this time), and listened to a message on the phone from the coach of the Atom A team who just found out that they had no goalie for practice. Wondered if W could come out at 3 pm and help them by taking some shots. W did NOT want to do this. He was tired after a hard practice. He is liking goalie less as the season goes on. He didn't know anyone on this team. Had just settled in to a rousing adventure of Hot Wheels vs Bionicles with J. Had a talk with him about the fact that he had committed to goalie, so he at least had to see the year out in that position. Had a talk with him about helping someone who's in a pinch and how that shows them God's love. Also mentioned what good experience it would be to skate with the A team for a practice. He didn't want to do it, but decided to do the right thing. So we bundled all up, unpacked the player gear from first practice and packed the goalie gear for this practice. Headed back to the rink- I didn't know what to expect. I figured he would be there and take lots of shots but not get a whole lot of attention paid to him- just good experience for him to take some shots from the A team. Turns out these guys were more appreciative of his help than I expected. The coach thanked him several times, and during practice, whenever he wasn't taking shots, there was a goalie coach there who basically gave him a private goalie clinic. It was great. He even learned the basics of butterfly (all you goalies and goalie moms out there know what I'm talking about). He really ended up enjoying himself. Asked me after practice if he could go and thank the coach. I went with him, and the coach asked if he could call W up again sometime as he was so impressed with how hard he worked. W said of course, he'd be happy to help whenever he could. A proud moment for mom.

K saw figure skating for the first time on TV today. I feel that ballet may have gone the way of the dinosaur with her. This is ballet on skates- what could be better! And they get to jump and spin way more. Thus for the rest of the afternoon my living room became an imaginary skating rink for her. All was fine until I had to put a stop to things when she and J decided to mimic the pairs skating they saw- involving lifts and throws. No good could come of that. I was not popular. Ah well, everyone had life and limb intact for the trick-or-treating tonight.

Speaking of which, I think I hear a pack of rockets candy calling my name from the pantry...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 down, 3 to go.

I am officially well over half way done the internship. This is shaping up to be the busiest week yet. Full-time work continues, on Thursday is the jurisprudence exam in Toronto, and Friday night is the long-awaited CD release concert for my rock-star sista. Before the internshipness began, I asked for the honor of hosting her very first after party that night, so amidst all else have been making fancy little finger foods for 250 people. Let us not forget to say that I couldn't do this without uber friend's wife, S. She is the queen of party food. She and I have been cooking up a storm and having lots of fun doing it. I am also very excited that B2 has asked me to play keyboards for some of the songs at the concert- yes, another thing in my already busy schedule, but one of the things that I love to do, and so not a stress, but relaxing. It is nice to have a reasonable excuse to sit down at my dusty, neglected piano and practice for the concert.

Mom and Dad arrive on Wednesday, just in time to see W play his first hockey game of the season. He is excited beyond words. So am I for that matter- it's always fun to have them visit, but they haven't seen him play yet, and he is so proud of his hockey, I love to help him show it off. And to know that Grandma and Grampa are here to help with anything and everything they can is so relieving. I am hoping that amidst all of the craziness, we will find time to just relax together. Maybe play a game or two of bridge. (You're going down, Dad!)

Had a dream about the concert last night- it was like a pre-wedding dream. Only 40 people showed, and we still didn't have enough food. The piano was put in the wrong room, so I was in there and couldn't see the rest of the band. We forgot our music, and B2 was trying to tell me which song we were playing next, but she couldn't remember the title. And the crowd was so dull- no response whatsoever. Crazy.
I thought B2 was supposed to be the one having those dreams. Not surprising, though if I think about it. I have found myself becoming very protective of this night of hers. I said to hubby one day "if anyone screws this up for her, they will have me to answer to!" LOL. Like D wouldn't take care of that in a flash.