Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random thoughts

Packing to go to Vancouver today. We will leave tomorrow afternoon. Need to go into town to pick up a couple of items for the canoe trip after that, and then I'll be ready. It'll be interesting to be gone for a week, and see the difference in the house when we get back. I'm looking forward to that.

I hope the pool survives OK while we're gone. I just got it working, and I hope it's not all green and scummy after a week. Hope the cat doesn't go crazy with us gone either. We've not left him yet. Enzo used to scold us for hours if we were gone for a couple of days.

Doesn't look like it'll be warm enough for a swim today.

Sometimes I wonder if my kid is ADD. How does one child have so much energy at all hours of the day and night? If it weren't for his ability to thoroughly sink himself into a book, or task of his choice, I'd really think ADD was an issue. He can be so hard to make attentive. And there are times I just want him to go for a run around the block- and in the country, a block is BIG.

(Pause while I tell him here to settle down- again- the trailer is small today- think I will send them outside shortly)

I think I need to mow the lawn today. With the push mower- ugh.

Going to Tim's for lunch today- maybe I'll take the blanket and we can make it a picnic by the river.

(Pause while I tell other kid to stop jumping on the couch)

I'll be glad when sending them to their rooms to play means a) they actually have space in their room to play in, and b) they are on a different floor.

Ah, sweet relief- they went outside of their own accord- that means they'll stay out there a lot longer.

Guess I should get dressed and think about packing. I hate packing. I always forget something. Maybe a second cup of coffee first.

New weight watchers strategy is going very well. I've been VERY strict on my new points level, and since Tuesday have lost 2 pounds. That's more like it. Think I will log my weight tomorrow morning and call it Monday, as I won't have access to a scale next week.

OK on to my day- hope hubby gets home soon- you never know when he's with the pastor- there was talk of getting in his hot tub, but he'd better not do that without me. I will be bitter.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The fun continues

Ah, the joys of swimming in my own pool. Today at long last I will get to experience that. Pool guy came last evening and hooked up new filter. Today I just have to give it a good vacuum and it's ready to go. And, being an above ground, it's already nice and warm for a swim. There is much rejoicing in the B home.

Foundation was poured yesterday. Workmen once again came before I was even out of bed, and are currently removing the forms from the concrete. Once the long weekend is over, the backfillers will come in, and then framing will begin. It will be so lovely. I am now getting truly excited about the new house now. Am a little sad that our friend didn't get the job for plumbing and heating. He came in 11K higher than Builder's plumber, so we had to go with them. Saw him at band last night and he was OK with it- was wondering if things would be awkward.

On the kid front, W has finally learned the joys of reading chapter books. Nephew's girlfriend's mother (got that?) was kind enough to send some stuff up for the boys- Bethel shirts and some books that had been favorites of her kids. This included the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series of chapter books. Had been reading them to the boys at bedtime, and W decided he didn't want to wait and see what happened. So he read on ahead, and a monster has been created. He reads in the car, he reads in his room, when I call him to come, he comes walking slowly reading at the same time. Is driving his brother nuts because he doesn't hear him calling his name. I am surprised that it's taken this long as he's had such a high reading level for quite a while, but it is nice to finally see it nontheless. But at the rate he's going it looks like I am going to have quite a job keeping ahead of him. Going to be one of these kids who gets a new book and has finished it the next day. Ah well, there are worse things he could be doing, like being addicted to photography.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Status report

Yeserday was the hottest on record. House guys did a little work but kicked off early because of the heat- couldn't blame them. Got to order my windows and exterior doors yesterday. Am happy to say that by taking the grills out of the side and back windows, we could put in an extra window over the jacuzzi, and get a colored (deep red) front door with specialty glass for no extra money. (And I love my builder, who said "the new price is within $100, so I'll just swallow that-whoohoo!)

Call from the pool guy yesterday. Have a price for the new filter, but no filter arrived- will call him today to see when he's heading out my way with that.

Had a lovely visit with Serendipity, took digital pics of her paintings for note cards for the art show and sale, and on the way home took a wrong turn on purpose to get a pic of some hay bales in a field- turned out really well.

Don't know if there will be any photo opps today, but I will take my camera with me- strawberry picking and to J's for a swim- if she's gotten the algae infestation under control, that is. I think my camera will start to be a constant companion- you never know when you're going to see a cool shot.

My name is Bee, and I am addicted to crafts.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Woman Obsessed

So I find I am getting a little consumed with thoughts of the art show. Whenever I get a spare minute I am outside with my camera looking for new things to shoot. Found myself tracking a deer that had walked through my yard yesterday in hopes of getting a picture off, but no luck. People say that they have addictive personalities, and sometimes I wonder if I do too. Only instead of getting addicted to alcohol, tv, internet etc, I get addicted to crafts. Scrapbooking, stamping, crossed-stitch, and now photography. Ah well, if you're going to do something, do it right, eh?

Not sure what I'll shoot today, but people who have been seeing my pictures (posted on my facebook, if you're curious) have been saying that they're great, and they would buy them. So that's good, I guess. All I can think is why would they pay money for something they could easily do themselves? But if they want to, who am I to stop them from giving me money for them? And as hubby pointed out, if they don't sell, they'll make great gifts. (Mom has already requested some note cards for her birthday!)

Am hoping the long saga of my pool-opening will finish today. Pool guy was here yesterday hooking up new pump, and turned on filter to find that it was shot from the fire after all- looked OK to me, but we need a new one. So today I hope he will come with a new one so we can get stuff moving in the pool. Have to call insurance lady to ask her to pay for that too.

Don't think there will be much happening on the house front today. It was grand central her yesterday with footings, and stone slingers, and cement trucks. Now things are drying and setting, and I'm not sure how long that has to happen before they can move on. Have enough other things to do anyway- maybe I'll walk in the woods today to see what treasures I can find for my camera to capture. But there's supposed to be thunderstorms, so maybe not- maybe I can get a pic of some cool there a 12-step program for crafts anonymous?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The age of progress

Ah, it's nice to see progress. The footings of my new house are being made as I type this, I have TWO beautifully running air conditioners in my little trailer, and I believe my pool will FINALLY be opened today. After yesterday's fiasco, I was able to get a hold of pool guy (not with my hands around his throat as I was tempted to do, but on the phone), and he told me they would be here this afternoon with pump and other necessary equipment. I have done my duty and filled the pool with water and provided an extension cord to reach the filter. Perhaps tomorrow we can finally swim?

Nothing else going on in my little life. Will take care of the veggie garden today, perhaps head out and order my front door, and go to Canadian Tire for pool supplies. It's nice to have a quiet day, but I have the distinct feeling that I am forgetting something major I'm supposed to be doing and I'll remember later, when it's too late... then again maybe it's just that nagging guilt I have whenever I relax that I'm trying to learn to ignore.

Lost a whole half a pound this week, after I gained a pound the week before. Maybe I have my points wrong...I will try a few new things and see if that helps. Gotta get on top of this.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The auction today was great fun. I got some good stuff for not much money, and didn't come home with anything I wish I hadn't bought (that has happened in the past!). Came home to find no foundation- but that's OK. Was talking to Builder and he said that original company told him this morning he'd be four more days, so he's going with someone else who will be here at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Oh, happiness. Now, if only I could get that darned pool opened.

Decided to give pool guy another chance. He was going to call me first thing this morning and come out later today. OK, that's great, I said- remember that I need a new pump, solar blanket and tarp, as ours were lost/damaged in the fire. He hadn't called before I left for the auction, but when I got home the tarp was off the pool- they've been here- it's open! No, it's not. That's all that had been done. There was a note on my door saying they were here, they couldn't find the pump, and did I know that my tarp is damaged? UGH. Called pool guy back and as nicely as I could reminded him that he was supposed to bring all necessary replacement equipment. This jogged his memory and he said he'd call his man on the road and find out what was going on. I'm not hopeful, and it's supposed to be over 30 degrees for the next few days. We shall see.

At least Builder is bringing a new air conditioner to replace the broken one. As my mother always says, all this builds character. I don't know how much character one person needs, but I'm sure I've had my fill for a while.

Well, I'm off to take some pretty pictures- Serendipity and I are entering an art show in the fall and hoping to sell some of our stuff. A new thing for me, but it will be fun, and I might even make a little money in the process.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

country fun

Going to an auction tomorrow with my good friend SW. I haven't been to one since last summer, and I'm actually finding that I miss the fun. I think I have officially become a country hick. I live in a trailer, not two weeks ago I went to a tractor pull, and now another auction. Scary. Pretty soon, I'll be looking forward to the pig races at the Richmond Fair.

Speaking of which- the planned demise of J.I.'s rule on the county fair circut is coming along nicely. The crossed-stitch is progressing beautifully, the pictures are all picked out, and I am growing beautiful apples to make the best pie ever. J.I. will have to have a serving of humble pie by the time the S girls finish with her- mwahahaha!

The boys are also excited about the crafts that they will make. J is going to make a shaker out of a toilet paper roll, he gets to decorate a piece of paper with stickers, and make a candy necklace. W will be making a knight's shield out of cardboard, writing his favorite recipe on a card for a penmanship contest, and making a pencil holder out of a soup can. May as well start 'em young- who know, J.I. may have some grandchildren in the wings.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A good time was had by all

Spent the day today at Logos Land- a free day sponsored by the local Christian Radio Station. It was awesome- they boys went on tons of waterslides (me too, actually), W went on a water trampoline, we all played minigolf, and went to the petting zoo. Weather was beautiful. Saw some friends there. A good time was had by all.

But you'd think I'd learn. Sunscreened the boys, and forgot to do myself. As I sit here my shoulders and neck are burning and getting redder by the minute. I'll be paying for it tomorrow. Ah well, maybe I'll get something that resembles a tan from all my new freckles!

Tomorrow will probably mean another section of lawn mown. It will take me 3 days of mowing to get it all done, and then it will be time to start again. Gotta get that lawn tractor fixed.

Well, I'm off. Haven't done a thing for tomorrow's service yet, and I still have to do tons of work for the CCSB conference in Vancouver next week. I'll be glad when that's done.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The untitled blog

I got nothin to say today. Didn't get to chop wood yesterday, as the axe didn't survive the fire after all. So I have to go into town today and buy and axe. E has left for Engaged, and will be back tomorrow night- got to say goodbye this time, so it's all good. I hope he has an awesome time.

Will do some school today as well- it's been going great, and I think we will chip away at the language arts for most of the summer, with J anyway- once W finishes his grammar he'll be done till the fall.

Still a big hole in the yard. Foundation is supposed to be coming early next week so framers can start by the end of the week. I am getting very impatient for all this stuff to get going in royal style.

J starts soccer tonight- now every night of the week is officially booked. I hope he enjoys it better than last year. We shall see.

That's all I have for today- nothing inspiring, nothing entertaining. Just my day- but boring is good. I've had enough of major events for a while.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer is here

I love summer. I'm not crazy about stupidly hot days, but now that we have a pool, they will certainly be easier to bear. I love the sunshine, I love the warm rain (nothing's yuckier than cold rain), the gardens, the birds. I love the relative lack of schedule, the ability to let the kids stay up a little later as they will be able to sleep in the next morning.

Think I'll chop some wood today. E tells me the axe survived in the shed, and I don't really have much housework to do today. The boys need to do a wee bit of school, but as we're down to phonics and grammar it won't take long. I also need to look into the first official delay of the house building. Noone showed up yesterday to put in the footings, and now there's noone here yet today. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Had a wonderful day yesterday with my morning off- got a ton of errands done, and even had an hour to myself here at the trailer. I have decided I won't spend all my mornings off doing that- I'll have to line up a pedicure for one of them :), but it was nice to be able to get a bunch of errands done without piling kids in and out of the car with every stop.

As I type this, am starting to think that much wood chopping won't get done today- the black clouds loom overhead, and there's an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. Ah well, the weatherman may be wrong- there's a first time for everything.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Serendipity asked me a question the other day that has been on my mind. She asked me what my dreams were- if I could get paid to do anything I wanted, no matter how crazy, what would it be? What is the BIG thing I'd love to do with my life? I have come to the conclusion that, silly as it may sound, and as crazy as it drives me some days, I am doing that very thing now. To be an awesome mom to my boys (still working on the awesome part), and to raise them to be Godly men is the best thing I could do with my life- nothing else would come even close. Is it unambitious of me not to do that and something else at the same time? So many other women do big things and raise awesome kids, but I don't feel God calling me to anything else- at least not now. Maybe when they're grown and on their own God will put a desire in my heart for something more, but for now, I'm content. Seems to be a rare thing these days, contentment. People are amazed that I'm OK with what I have- no TV, no printer. I am learning the joys of a simple life. Who needs a TV when you have 30 acres of nature to watch whenever you want? (and the ability to pop a DVD in the laptop now and then).

Today I will get some much needed time to myself- friend J is taking my kids for the morning, and I will spend it running errands. Chiropractor, groceries, bathing suit shopping (ugh), and perhaps a latte at Starbucks and Chapters. But errands by myself are peaceful and leisureley, so it will be good.

Maybe when I get home, I'll have footings for my new house.... yippee!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A firm foundation

Got woken up this morning by the sound of vehicles. Pickup trucks had pulled into my driveway before 7:30, and they were politely waiting for me to wake up before starting up the excavator. So now they are out there, the ex in the big hole, digging it the right depth and size for the new foundation. Builder said the footings will arrive tomorrow morning, and we will get started on the foundation right away. Didn't realize what an emotional weight all that rubble in the backyard was- I feel so much better today.

Going to do some school this afternoon once the workers leave. I had a look at the boys' math books yesterday and decided that we're not doing any more of that this year. The few new things they would learn at this point will be re-learned in September, and I just want to concentrate on getting their grammar done. And maybe we'll do a physics unit later on structure and buildings- unit study right in the back yard!

Off to check on the progress, and maybe take Builder a coffee- gotta keep on the good side of all these guys.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Turning the corner

Today was the big day- large dumptruck and excavator arrived on site this morning and proceeded to haul all the burnt rubble away to the dump. Four dumptrucks later our house site is mostly cleaned up and the old foundation is busted up and buried. It looks so much better out there. I'm trying not to think about the fact that my diamond ring is now somewhere in the Carp landfill (treasure hunters, live it up). I am tired- the day was more emotionally draining than I expected. It was weird to see recognizable items falling from the excavator bucket into the dumptruck- toys, Christmas decorations, peices of furniture- very strange.

Builder says that by the end of the week we will at least have new footings in place for the new house. There are stakes showing the outline of where the new house will be. It's shorter, but deeper than the old one. Builder said that all the changes I want to make are very easy, and won't cost much money, if any. Glad to hear that- it's like I want to prove wrong all the people who are saying that anyone who builds a house always always goes way over budget and time. Not us. (Yes, I know I've just officially jynxed the whole thing.)

It will be so nice to be able too look at new stuff instead of old smelly stuff back there. I can mow the grass in the backyard again. Except for the fact that I broke the lawn tractor today. Don't know what I did, but it was working fine, and then this awful noise, and then it stalled, and it won't start again. Sigh. Pretty soon I'll need a hay baler instead of a lawn mower. Or maybe I'll just get some cows- they like to eat grass... but not chickens- they're too high maintenance.

Think I'll start with a new puppy first- it can pee on the grass and kill it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Looking foward

Monday morning first thing. It's official. The machines are coming in to remove all the rubble from the fire. What a joy to behold that will be! This beautiful property will once again be... well, beautiful. That mess back there is such an eyesore. I will be so glad to have it gone. And to see the reality of our new home begin will be so incredible. I know too that several of my new friends from Alabama will be praying for me during this process, as well as friends and family here.

New friends from Alabama- that has made the whole crazy week worth it. What a joy it was to meet them all and know that I will be seeing them again. We have already had an invite from C&K to stay with them for a weekend next time we go down south to visit Mom and Dad. W got the e-mail address of a buddy of his, and J has promised his new friend R that he will draw her some pictures and mail them to her. This week was great for the kids- going from being so nervous and shy of all these new faces to becoming friends with them. Hard night for J though last night- cried all the way home because he'd miss "Mr. Chip". Thought we should be able to go to Alabama today instead of waiting until next winter. Ah, the mind of a 5 year old.

Must go and get ready for my day. It's a lovely one, and I know the boys will enjoy their time with their sitter while I am getting refreshed and renewed at InSPIRE.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Hubby left very early this morning for a canoe trip. I didn't get to say goodbye. Last night he was still packing when I went to bed, and I fell asleep before he settled in for the night. He left so quietly this morning that I never woke up until 2 hours after he was gone. I wish he had woken me up. I hate it when he goes away, and not getting to say goodbye makes it worse. Ah well, I know it will be an awesome weekend for him, and I don't begrudge it. I am just a little sad.

So I shall keep busy today- have a sitter coming to look after the boys tomorrow while I'm at a day-long meeting sort of thing, and this place is messy. So my day will consisit of scrubbing and cleaning- long overdue anyway. Amazing how dirty a place can get when you're not even there.

Tonight will be another late night bor the boys- they are already acting tired today, so it could be interesting. I'll have to ignore my tiredness when I'm trying to deal with that. It is the last day we have with the choir- it's been an awesome week, but I will be very glad when life gets back to normal and we can get school finished and get on with our summer.

I'm tired- did I mention that?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tired- not good anymore

I wondered how long the "good-tired" feeling would last. It's worn off today. I'm just plain tired. Only two more days until I can relax- today is going to be another busy one. Tomorrow will not be as crazy, but will be another late night- for both me and the boys. The week has been going wonderfully, though, so I can't complain.

Off to the first stop of the day- hanging out with the choir as they hand out flyers, then off to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quiet time

Woke up very early this morning- 6:40. I never wake up that early. Had breakfast in lovely quiet, and will even be able to have my quiet time before my crazy day starts. The boys are still asleep and I hope they will be for at least another hour and a half or so. They were up late last night and could use the rest.

Last night- what fun! W had a soccer game- I couldn't go, but E took him, and their team won 7-1. I love to watch him play, so I was sad to miss it. J and I went to a party in the park, and it was a huge success. There were at least a few hundred people there- face painting, balloon animals, clowns, music, puppet shows, junk food everywhere. J went to bed with his face painted like a kitty and his tummy full of hot dogs and popcorn- a happy feeling. We got lots of people interested in the fun at Saunders Farm Friday night- who wouldn't want a free meal, free concert, and free access to the mazes? It will be so neat to see who comes to our church as a result of this- and it was neat to see people who had come there in the past now being the ones handing out invitations and talking to people about Christ.

Wonder what today will hold... I will be following the choir around for the day after a visit to the chiropractor. Another party tonight, and I'm sure some very tired little boys at the end of the day. I think God woke me up early this morning so I'd have time to just sit and listen to the birds... and Him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gains and losses

I have both gained things and lost them this week. What have I gained? Another step in the progress towards our new house. I sit here with house plans spread out on the table in front of me, and can picture better than ever our soon-to-be country retreat. It is lovely. 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, classroom, living room, nice big mud room, lovely ensuite, private study off the master. We would have never had this house on this property without the fire. I am loving how it has become similar to the house we built out east to retire in. It has several similarities, but is different enough that it will be completely new to us. It's like the best of the previous house, with lots more good ideas thrown in.

What else have I gained? Perspective. School yesterday was horrid. I won't sugar coat it- no masks. I actually went so far as to check on the tuition for the local Christian school for J. I am appalled that I did that, because deep down I don't believe that's what the Lord wants us to do. After a few honest chats with goaliemom (no masks, right?) I have realized that some things need to change. I need to take better care of myself- quality time for me is not a selfish thing. It is for the good of my whole family. Now to figure out how to get it! And, I need to relax a little and realize that one of my sons learns very differently from the other, and work within that. A real learning curve for both of us.

What have I lost? Not my mind, although I came pretty close to it yesterday. This morning, on weigh-in day, I stepped on the scale to find I had lost 4 1/2 pounds since last week! Much more than I was expecting. So I am well on my way to my goal- over 25% there, in fact. I am really hoping goaliemom, my ww buddy, has a good weigh-in this week. She's been holding steady despite lots of positive efforts, and she deserves a good one this week.

9 am and the kids are still asleep- may as well make the most of this time and have a quiet breakfast actually sitting down the whole time... oh wait- one of them is up now...

Monday, June 11, 2007


I sit here watching the goldfinches on the birdfeeder and I'm glad I live in the country. But I've come to realize that the slow pace of country life involves lots of waiting. The teeny little apples on my trees are telling me to wait for them until the fall. My veggie garden is huge, but won't be producing much edible for weeks to come.

More waiting than usual for us this year, I guess. I have to wait until the house is built to plant flowers. I have to wait until all the burnt rubble is gone before I can mow the back lawn. I have to wait until we have a house before I can have a bunch of people over. I won't be opening our pool until things are cleaned up back there. We can't buy a new puppy until we're in the house.

But that's always the one lesson I've had a hard time learning, so it's a good thing, I guess. Slowing down- that's what the country life is all about, right? Maybe I'll slow down next week- when the choir has gone back to Alabama and we are finally done school. The boys and I can walk in the woods. I can go shopping for some more shorts for everyone. I can really start dreaming about the house...

ah, the house... lots of windows, a blue and yellow kitchen with white beadboard cupboards, cream colored walls and a corner fireplace in the living room. A jacuzzi tub. Ahhh...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another good tired

I believe I shall sleep well tonight. Today at church we received a whirlwind in the form of a 70 person youth choir from Montgomery, Alabama. They arrived in time to help set up- never in the history of Sequoia has there been a quicker setup! All the kids were great- they put on a great mini-concert, and our band had a blast colaborating with them on one song. After that it was to the G's for a BBQ and baptism. With swimming, volleyball, and our church's new fun cruiser, it was a celebration like none we've had before. The boys had a ball, and once they got over the shyness of all those new faces, they really began to enjoy hanging out with all the "big" kids from Alabama and the chance to practice their southern manners (see goaliemom? they came in handy, didn't they?).

This evening we went with the choir on their buses to do a prayer tour of the area that they will be serving. J made some friends on the bus, and we all got to see the main pieces of land that we are looking at- it was a neat perspective of the town we are ministering to.

Got the boys to bed late again tonight- exhausted, but happy. I am beginning to wonder how long before this good tired turns into a not-so-good tired. They are looking forward to seeing their new friends again tomorrow.

This whole day takes me back to my days on mission tours; going into a strange place and just immersing myself in ministry for a church I had previously not known. Those were fun times for me, and now I'm so enjoying the chance to be involved on it from this end. I hope my kids will see the impact of this week and want to do the same thing when they're old enough.

Off to bed- I'm sleepy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A good tired

What a day. Up early this morning after very weird dreams last night and off to the park for Heritage Days. W played two great games of soccer- wanted to be a foreward, but got put on defence as he's pretty much the only one on his team who will stick to that position. Put another kid in there, and they're up trying to score goals before you know it with noone to guard their own net. He took it like a champ and made some great plays- I was very proud of him. After that it was a BBQ lunch of burgers (or, as the boys say, boogers) and dogs while we watched the tractor pull. Not exactly what I would call riveting, but the boys enjoyed it anyway. Got to see the firefighters and their trucks there- which was nice for me. I had a chance to thank them for what they did the day of the fire, and found out exactly when they practice so that one of these days I can take them some baked goodies at the fire hall as a little thank-you.

From there it was straight to the G's for setup for the celebration lunch tomorrow. By the time we were done, tents were set up, patio tables and chairs in place, BBQs hauled into position and the pool deck swept clean. It looked fairly ready for an authentic garden party- I felt I should wear a flowered dress, a hat with a wide brim, and matching pink shoes and purse. However none of those things are, or ever have been, in my wardrobe.

Home for supper, the boys moved the last of the firewood from the wreckage to the wood shed so it won't get hauled away with all the rubble. I watered my quickly growing veggie garden- I can hardly wait to start tasting the yummy goodness that will come out of there!

Going to enjoy a quiet evening (working on the computer, but quiet anyway) before the whirlwind week starts tomorrow. I have this grand illusion of getting schoolwork done every day, and still being involved with the mission tour choir that's arriving tonight, but I know very well that's not going to happen. Ah well, we'll be done school the next week, so it's all good.

Eric and I have discovered that we won't have a free weekend now until the middle-end of July- maybe the lazy days of summer will come when we're 80... I certainly don't see it happening anytime soon.

Friday, June 8, 2007


I'm happy this morning. The sun is shining, W just put one of my favorite songs on the stero, I finished my music video last night, it's Friday... all sorts of good things. Had a great day in school yesterday and am anticipating the same for today. There's actually a light at the end of the tunnel there with all the double loads the boys have been doing- we could finish before two weeks are out. May get that pesky lawnmower work done today- didn't get that done yesterday as it started raining halfway through school and rained until we had to go out. There are thunderstorms forecast for later today, but after how wrong they were yesterday, I'm not counting on it.

Tomorrow we get to go to Beckwith Heritage Days. I am now officially a hick. W has 2 exhibition soccer games as part of the festivities that we will be going to watch. In between, the boys are looking forward to the horse and tractor pulls- as B2 pointed out, it was only a matter of time after we moved into the trailer. Ah well, I'll consider it practice for the Richmond Fair.

Meeting today at 3, supper at B2's then band. I'll have to be a good girl at lunch as I think pizza is being ordered for supper in between. And I'm doing very well this week, so I don't want to blow it. I have a feeling that next week's weigh in will make up for last weeks (if this morning's check was any indication). Next week could be very exciting between that and the house drawings being done. Am getting very excited/impatient to see them, and all the more anxious for all the crap behind the trailer to get hauled away- 4 1/2 months is more than enough time to look at it, and I'm sure, breathe in it's toxic vapors.

Off to continue my happy day.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A brand new day

Yesterday was uber-productive. We actually did school (just a single days' worth), then we went to MEC and got a bunch of stuff fur hubby's W@H trip. Home for a late lunch, then the lawn got mowed (just have to do the push mower area today) before supper. Also did lots of weeding in the garden, fixing all the dividing lines in my garden boxes that had come off, planting some flowers we were given, and saving my strawberries from the plhox. (Saved you some, B2) After supper was Bible study, and then a couple of hours working on the video project for Sunday. Late night, but worth all the work put in. Now on to today...

School this morning- double load. This afternoon I hope to get the push mower out and finish the rest of the lawn/hayfield before it rains tomorrow. And tonight- I am looking forward to tonight. A few of us are going to be doing a bunch of cooking for the W@H canoe trips coming up in the kitchen at the Corel Centre! (Refuse to call it Scotiabank Place). Serendipity's brother-in-law is in charge of it there, and so we will get to go in and use their huge place to cook massive amounts of yummy things.

Had a sore throat this morning when I woke up, but it feels better now- I'd better not be getting a cold- I don't have time to get sick right now. I'll just try my usual strategy of "ignore it and hope it goes away"- usually works.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I sometimes wonder what other people do all day. My days are always busy from start to finish. Even if they don't start out that way, the quickly fill up with one thing or another. I hear about other people who go and get their nails done, or go to the gym, or just have time to go to the mall and go shopping. Not that that's a bad thing- I just wonder what I actually do that takes up all my time (maybe blogging?). I can't imagine how a mom who works gets everything done either. There's no way I could get all my housework done in the evenings, feel as if I've had any time with my kids, or be involved in anything else if I had been at work all day.

Like today. My calendar, for once, is empty, with the exception of home group tonight. I don't have to do too much house cleaning as we're in pretty good shape that way. But this morning will be completely occupied with my quiet time and then school with the boys (who are still doing double lessons every day- it rocks). After lunch, if we're done that, I have the whole afternoon ahead of me- but the choices are endless. Do we go to MEC today since Friday's turned out to be not the best choice? Do I try to go and see the puppies today with the boys? Do I mow my hayfield of a lawn? Do I weed the garden? Do I relocate some more plants from around the old house so they won't get plowed under with the foundation? Do I devote some more time to the song video presentation that I have to do for Sunday?

So what do other mothers do? I know most of them send their kids to school and have hours free- I'd almost be overwhelmed with all that free time. Do they actually get to read all those books that are on my list to read that I never get to? Do they actually have time to pack their hubby a lunch for work the next day instead of hoping he remembers to take the leftovers this time?

Random thoughts. The rest of my brain is occupied with thoughts of house and family in PEI, one of which involves happy thoughts, the other... not so much.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Less overwhlemed

I'm feeling better about all the things I have to do today- think they've kind of settled in my brain. And it helps that I did in fact get caught up on all that pesky bookkeeping yesterday. Took half the afternoon but I did it.

The meeting with the builder went well- we had to cut $20K off our dream house to fit the insurance budget, but when I reminded myself of the house that the money is supposed to rebuild, we are still getting a ton more! But no finished basement or wrap-around porch for us. That's fine though- I still get my garage and jacuzzi tub. Picked out siding colors, trim and doors last night with hubby- it was fun.

Am up in my weight today by a pound. I was a good girl, but it's that time of month and I'm blaming it on that- drank about 9 glasses of water yesterday and wasn't running to the bathroom all day, so I think about 6 of those glasses are still inside me, making me heavy- hopefully I'll make up for that next week. I'm sure goaliemom is a wee bit glad on the inside that she's not the only one stuggling with this (said in love!).

Today is another busy one, but we've gotten an early start to it. Double load of school again, much to W's dismay, last swimming lessons followed by the traditional last-swimming-lesson-slushies, meeting at the chiropractor tonight, and groceries after BY MYSELF while hubby brings the kids home to bed. Groceries by myself is indeed a treat.

Have to find a day this week to go to Mountain Equipment Coop and get camping gear- am afraid of the week flying by without that getting done- have to ask B2 if Friday before our meeting will work. Have to find out about going to see some puppies this week too. That's highly negotiable, but will be fun for everyone.

And the crossed-stitch for the Richmond fair is coming along nicely- J.I won't know what hit her.
Query: Is all this diabolical planning a healthy outlet for the frustrations in my life, or will I become an evil overlord and have to memorize that internet list (B2? Any thoughts?)?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Having some distance from family can be a good thing at times. And sometimes it's not so good. Sometimes it's both at once. Like now. E's dad is in the hospital with fluid buildup as a side effect of medication that they have him on. E's mom is in the hospital with a nervous breakdown. And E's sister is there having to deal with it all by herself. E's dad is getting better, slowly, but his mom is another story. I wish I was there, but what could I do? I am very glad my kids aren't there to see their grammy in a padded room in the psych ward. Literally- she's in a padded room. She is having seizures. She is covered in bruises, cries all the time, is going through withdrawl as she's not allowed to smoke. They have her so doped up she doesn't even know what day it is. The idiotic doctors there haven't been in to see her since Friday (she only went in on Thursday). The last time she had a nervous breakdown was 10 years ago when her mother-in-law died, and it wasn't anything like this. Frankly, I'm wondering if she will ever be normal again. It would be nice to be there for E's sister, but there's no way I'm going down there and taking the boys into this. And it's hard to see E trying to deal with it from a distance.

OK- now you all know what's going on. And I know you will want to ask questions out of loving concern, but that's all I know. So please don't ask me questions- I have said my piece and I don't want to talk about it anymore right now.

On to today in the Baker house. Yes, we will actually get to school today. I have the long-awaited meeting with my builder. The lawn will not get mowed as I watch the steady soaking rain fall. On the first sunny day, it will grow a foot, and then I'll be able to go to town on the mower- I love riding the lawn tractor. Maybe this evening I'll finally get to that bookkeeping I've been putting off for so long. Then again, maybe not- the Sens are playing game 4 tonight.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

A good time was had by all

I love simple things. This afternoon, though I longed to be napping, a beautiful day outside won the fight and I spent it outside with some of my favorite people. Just sitting around, throwing logs into the burn pit, watching the kids catch frogs in the creek and play Moses in the same creek with kids in a rubbermaid tote. Some time talking and laughing, and some quiet time thinking- going back and forth between excitement over the new house to come, and visions of the old one in flames as I watched the wood burn. I asked hubby if he ever thinks about that day, going over the details in his head, and his answer of "all the time" really surpised me. Guess I thought it was just me that did that stupid flashback thing- going over it in my mind though it accomplishes nothing but making me sad.

But the day was nice. Great morning at church, great afternoon with friends and family- scratch that- they were all family. Wonderful supper of deer steak and all the fixings. And now listening to Bach while hubby tucks the kids in bed and I do some more work. It's a good thing.

Tomorrow will be another busy one- getting through another double load of school with the kids, meeting with home builder in the afternoon (YAY!), and doing lawn work if the weather cooperates. Time for some garden work- I need to rescue my strawberries from the invading phlox- it's got a whole hill, I don't really think it needs to be where the strawberries are.

I love Sundays.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cleaning up and moving on.

Tired today. After the party yesterday afternoon was the party last night- a wedding reception the day before the wedding. Strange but true. So today is the wedding. Feeling tired after all my dancing, and found out when I got home from babysitter that her evening with the boys was less than stellar. My boys, who normally don't mind thunderstorms, had a taste of one that settled right over our little trailer. There was much crying for mommy, and babysitter actually got her mom to come down from up the street and help her out. I felt bad that I wasn't here. Gonna have to work on having the boys not afraid of storms now. Babysitter is coming again for the wedding today, and more storms are forecast- could be fun. I wish I was here to see it too- I love a good thunderstorm.

So today is the wedding. Going out with the 3 boys today to buy hubby a new suit. We realized much too late Thursday night that hubby doesn't have a tie to his name, let alone a suit, and wouldn't be allowed into the Rideau club for the festivities without one. So we borrowed one from a friend (another proof that you should have friends the same size as you) and today will go out and buy a new one for the wedding itself. Amazing what you forget that you lost in a fire until you need it (oh, but we did claim it- don't worry).

Think we'll take a trip to MEC today- going camping this month and next, and have to restock all our camping gear. Don't know yet where we'll keep it, but it will be fun to stock up from nothing. I am starting to love shopping again- space is starting to become a bit of an issue though.

Am very excited for Monday- meeting with builder. Have been talking to hubby about what we definitely want in the house and what is negotiable. Have also realized that when it's done we'll be having the biggest housewarming party in Lanark County history. Will be inviting our whole church (there were so many annonymous donors we need to), our street, the fire department, and many people from hubby's workplaces that gave us stuff as well. And, of course, the family. Will be praying for nice weather as it'll have to be an outdoor event. So hopefully it'll not be too late in the fall that the house is ready.

Off to buy a suit- hubby cleans up good.

Friday, June 1, 2007

In the aftermath

A good time was had by all. We have just wrapped up W's birthday party- the big 8- or, as the guys like to say, "the ocho". Started with a game of mini-golf with his buddies at Karters Korners, then back here for lunch, cake and presents- when I figure out how, I'll attach a pic of the cake to my blog, as it totally rocked- best one ever, if I do say so myself. The kiddies are all waiting for moms to pick them up right now, and are off playing with the new toys.

While it was fun, I'm glad it's over- we have so much on our plate these days- whenever I can cross something off the list (and not just the little jobs that go into it, but the whole project), it's a huge load off my mind. Now it's on to the wedding reception tonight and the wedding tomorrow (yes, you read that right), and preparing for Sunday service. Updating the spreadsheet for the mission trip I'm helping to orgainze- now I know why that was pretty much the only job I was given- filtering through everyone else's lists and e-mails to figure out what goes where in the schedule is a much larger task than it first appears. But I seem to be making out alright with it.

On the house front, much exciting news is happening- the insurance company and the builder have come to agreements on numbers and payouts, and I have a meeting Monday afternoon with our builder to discuss house plans, now with a firm number in mind! Yahoo! This is what I've been waiting for- who knows- there may even be some excavation next week- that would be a sight for sore eyes- literally.

If only I could get that darned pool open...