Thursday, June 30, 2011


No comments on my last blog... oh well, who cares. Time for another list. I am in PEI right now, and it is hot and sticky. People told me it wasn't really summer here yet- they lied. So while I sit here and sweat, and watch "A Few Good Men" (BORING), I will blog another list about fun things that happened on our camping trip.

1. Setting up camp before hubby arrived with huge rumbles of thunder going on for an hour. (Yes I'm weird, but that was FUN!)
2. Playing scrabble with W at the picnic table in the rain while holding the golf umbrella over our heads to stay dry so we could finish.
3. Listening to the rain on our tent.
4. Waking up (relatively) dry.
5. Insisting all day Saturday that it wasn't going to rain, and showing all the doubters that I was RIGHT.
6. Corn on the cob. Everything tastes better outside.
7. Sleeping in and waking up to the sound of birds.
8. Having the best camping neighbours one could want.
9. Watching W enjoy the freedom of being able to go anywhere in the whole park on his bike.
10. Fishing
11. Swimming
12. Dinner with the M's
13. Coolers by the campfire
14. S'mores
15. Raccoon hunting
16. NO schedule.
17. No computer
18. No phone
19. No emails
20. No work
21. No facebook
22. No electronics of any kind
23. Bacon. Did I mention everything tastes better outside?
24. Flush toilets- I appreciate them a whole lot more when I'm camping
25. We will be going for a week next year.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kittens and endorphins

About 2 weeks ago we got J a late birthday present. A new kitten. He had asked for one last December for his birthday. We took him to Disney World instead. But a few weeks ago, friends of ours were giving away kittens that they had, and the lone female caught our eye. She is a mottled little girl, and Jon absolutely adores her. We all do- except our other cat. He has moved on from loathing and now tolerates her.

I have never had a kitten before. Max (recently renamed "Gigantor") was 6 months old when we got him, and not very kitten-like anymore. I have had a few puppies, and while they are as fun as kittens in their own way, kittens are decidedly more low-maintenance and even a little more fun. Here, for your reading pleasure, is a list of things that are more fun when a kitten is involved:

1. Hanging birthday streamers. (They are surprisingly resistant to claws)
2. Blowing up balloons (Not so resistant)
3. Putting on socks. You must be sitting on the side of the bed and the kitten must be under the bed for full attack potential.
4. Playing with a yo-yo.
5. Crocheting. Yarn must be wound into a ball and laying on the floor.
6. Watching the dog wag her tail. This fairly throws the kitten into a frenzy
7. Turning on the ceiling fan. I don't know if kittens have trouble with depth perception, but she honestly seems to think that she can jump high enough to grab one of the fan blades.
8. Typing on the computer. She always seems to know just when to walk across the keyboard.
9. Moving the computer mouse. Depending on kitten's position, the fun can be in the chasing of the mouse cord, or following the arrow on the screen and trying to figure out why she can't get it with her paw.
10. Having a daughter with several braids. These provide surprisingly good grip for claws.
11. Vacuuming. hee hee
12. Opening any cupboard. Kitten must always be fished out before closing door.
13. Playing the piano. She often does this all by herself.
14. Taking clothes out of the dryer. Note to self- always locate kitten before turning on dryer.
15. Working on the pool pump- this requires some explanation, but our pump is under the deck, and when kitten, who was watching me through the window, saw me disappear under the deck, she freaked. Apparently the deck eats people.
16. Watching kitten figure out where the food in the automatic dispenser comes from. Efforts alternated between attempting to pry lid off and reaching up inside hopper trying to fish food out.
17. Reading a book. Must involve a bookmark with a tassle.
18. Drinking a latte.
19. Wiggling toes while laying in bed. This is fun when the comforter is on top of them. When it's just the sheet, and claws and teeth can penetrate, not so fun.
20. Folding laundry. Apparently it's a big game.
21. Hanging dish clothes on the holder. And picking them up off the floor once kitten has pulled them down. Repeat as needed.
22. Flushing the toilet. No cats overboard... yet.

That's all I can think of for now. The little furball is asleep on my lap as I type this. She has been for a while, and that can only mean one thing. At some point between 3 and 4 am, I will be facing the wrath of crazy kitten.