Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)

OK, so it's not a completely accurate title, but it's the only one I could think of that referred to a card game. (I did, however, find a parody of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me", entitled "Foursomes Do it for Me", referring to bridge, if you believe it. But it was a very misleading title, so I decided against it).

Why all this card talk, you ask? Because we have found friends to play bridge with. Sorry Mom and Dad- a couple of times a year just doesn't cut it, so unless you plan to visit more often and play bridge, we need to find more bridge friends. We had Mr and Mrs K over for a lovely dinner (kids even behaved), and then played bridge. Mr K beat everyone, so I'm not sure if I'll invite him over again. Just kidding- it was tons of fun, and we plan to do it again soon. Found it a little weird by times when I remembered that they have kids our age and we're good friends, but then so do Mom and Dad.

Other than that, today was uneventful. School, housecleaning, and trip to Home Depot. E is outside as I type this playing with the new plow that is on the ATV. I think he is enjoying clearning the driveway just a little too much. But I can't talk, as I am hoping that he is out the next time it snows so that I can clear the driveway myself.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I love happy accidents (to coin a phrase from one of my favorite painters- who can guess who it is?). I took a picture yesterday morning of the first snow- the branches in our backyard were all perfectly outlined in snow, so after snapping a few shots of the puppy's first reaction to the white stuff (highly comical), I aimed the camera up and took a shot of the trees. My flash didn't go, and the exposure was longer than I liked, so I popped the flash up and took another. The one that I thought I had messed up for lack of a flash, was simply amazing. The sky came out an amazing blue color, the trees highly defined, and every snowflake highlighted. Not so much a testimony that I know what I'm doing as a testimony of the beauty of creation. And it raised some questions...

How can people not like snow? It's so beautiful. Makes brown and dingy surroundings look fresh and new, like they've gotten a new coat of paint. And they make you think of Christmas and cozy fires, and every child is instantly amazed and excited that it decided to visit again. They can't wait to play outside, and you get to sit inside, decorating for Christmas, while they play with the sled and try not to trip over the puppy, who has them in hysterics.

How do we really know that no two snowflakes are the same? I mean really- have they TESTED every snowflake in the world? One storm alone has more flakes than my mind can grasp. I'd like to see some concrete proof, thank-you.

And lastly, the most annoying question- why does something so beautiful have to trigger memories of something so horrible? As I looked out over my beautiful, untainted, white yard today, suddenly and uninvited, a vision of charred rubble under a fresh coat of snow came to mind. The day of the fire it snowed. Just a very little, but enough to give the whole scene a very ironic look of fresh whiteness on top of death. Again that analogy of getting to a spot you've been a hundred times before walking through the woods. I'd like to be out of the woods, thank you, with a map in my hadn to avoid these unpleasant surprises. Just like when I look at my new little puppy, who is so good and so sweet, and all I can do is to miss my dog and think how well she'd get along with the pup. Maybe it's the wine I'm drinking making me melancholy, but I'd like to be rid of it all (the memories, that is). We are in a new, beautiful home, with a new lovely puppy, all safe and sound. I don't miss the stuff. I can't explain why it still bothers me. And most of the time it doesn't. Just those unexpected triggers.

Ah well, until we are really home, that's the way it is, I guess. I wonder if it snows in heaven? And if people make snow angels, what do angels make... snow people? It will be interesting to see. Although I suppose snow is more like some people's idea of hell than heaven... scrooges.

The Long and Winding Road (the Beatles)

Ah, the lesson of learning that attitude is a choice. My W, as I type this, is sitting at the school desk not wanting to do work. Every one of the millions of snowflakes outside is calling his name, and he can't get it into his head that if he buckles down and works, he'll be free that much faster. Yesterday by this time he was finished. Today the light at the end of the tunnel is still very far off. His brother has been finished his work and off playing for a while, waiting for W to finish grammar and math so we can move on to French, history and science. So it's far from over for him. A mid-math snack of cookies and milk even did little to revive him.

You may think I'm mean and nasty for not giving them a snow day, but we have missed so much school this year with the move and other business, that I just can't let them have the day off (as much as I too would love to be out playing in the snow!) But I am hoping Awana is cancelled tonight, as I don't really want to have to go anywhere. This place is so cozy during a snowstorm.

Ah, good news. W seems to have begun to buckle down and is doing grammar. There is much rejoicing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Ah, the first snowfall of the year. What makes it even better is that I had no idea it was coming. I awoke to the scampering of excited feet and cries of "it SNOWED!". What fun. So after going outside and being entertained by the puppy's reaction to the snow (she loved it once I finally got her to set foot in it), we did a good day's worth of school, and then went to Wal-Mart and bought Christmas decorations! It was a bit slushy for the boys to go and play in, but it just gave a nice Chirstmasy feel to the house. The Christmas CDs were broken out and played, and I think I may even put a fire on later.

Well, I must go and put up all those decorations I bought. The walls are just screaming for them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back in the saddle (Gene Autry)

Today brings in the full routine once again. School. Swimming. Home group. It's all good. I was up too late last night catching up on paperwork, but it's all done. What a feeling. Now I just have to get through the list of phone calls that I need to make and the nagging administrative stuff really is caught up.

I hope school goes well today. We have a busy afternoon of car appointment, swimming lessions, hockey practice, and then home group. It's been so long that I don't even remember where we left off. But first it will be a cup of coffee and quiet time in my lovely little quiet time room. What a happy place that is.

Seems to me I made a post before all the craziness about getting tired of the routine. Now I am loving it. Guess what I really needed was a week or two without the routine to remember why it's a good thing. Well, time to go- it may be routine, but it's still busy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Foot in my mouth (Chris Tomlin)

OK, so I've gone and done it again. Typed stuff in my blog that has come across totally wrong. And this time I agree- my mom pointed a few things out about my last entry, and I am having a hard time typing with my foot so far in my mouth.

I said a while back that I would give God all the glory if things went well, and in my last post there was no mention of that. Don't get me wrong, He and I have had many chats about how much He rocks and how glad I am that He got me through. I do give Him ALL the credit.

And the conference was not such a success just because of me. I didn't mean to imply that in any way. Every part of it was a success because of the hard work of so many people. I was just so excited that the part for which I was directly responsible went very well.

So Mom, there you go- the rest of my thoughts. And I'm not being facetious here- I really do agree with what you said. I was wrong not to include this.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well, I did it. I helped organize a 750 person conference, and lived to tell the tale. It went very well, actually. On Wednesday I was a wreck (the fact that I had gotten 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before didn't help). I had that feeling I used to have when there was a huge exam coming up and I knew there weren't enough hours left to study everything that was going to be on it. But Wednesday came, and, with a huge knot in my stomach, I got through it with flying colors. Thursday I felt a little better, and once again things came off without a hitch. Friday, which I thought would be the most nerve-wracking day (since I was going to be working with a real recording artist who's been around forever), was the easiest for me. By the time I met him, I felt like a seasoned pro, and all of his stuff, and everyone else's, went off without a hitch. It was a HUGE job, and I'm so glad it's done, but am I ever glad I did it. It really stretched me, but now I know why they asked me to do it- because I could, and I did a darned good job! :)

Yesterday was the day after, and even though I was exhausted, I spent the day getting ready to put 4 floats in the local Santa Claus parade. But it was good- it was a crazy day, but it was physical work- a great change from the mentally exhausting co-ordinating I had been doing all week. Then I got to do the most fun thing I think I've ever done on my birthday- sing in a parade! It was a blast, and although I'm now totally sick of the two songs we cycled over and over, I had so much fun that my face hurt from smiling.

And today I am free of the craziness. The week coming up is a busy one with some extra appointments etc in it. But it is routine stuff, and I can get to school with the boys, and it will be lovely. W is at a sleepover tonight, so it's quiet in the house. Tomorrow I will work at the church office and run some errands. It's routine. It's lovely. Ironic how there's freedom in routine.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hey good lookin'

Whatcha got cookin'? 260 cookies and 4 pans of squares. That's what I made today with the help of a friend. I'm beat tonight, but it was fun and a much needed diversion from conference prepping that has been consuming my time as of late. But not tonight. I got a ton done this morning, and I think everything else I need to do can wait until tomorrow (and Monday when I'm at the church office taking advantage of their highspeed internet. Didn't feel like taking 22 hours downloading a countdown clock here in the land of dial-up)

So I think it will be a glass of wine and a movie on the laptop in bed. Yes, that sounds lovely. But what to watch? I have loaned out my favorite chick flick (not that I have many of them...) Probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference, though. I will most likely fall asleep long before the film is over.

Hmmm... getting sleepy already...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, November 9, 2007

Loss for words.

We did school yesterday- a whole load of it. Not sure how that happened in between cabinet repair men and builder walk throughs, but we did it. I'm really hoping to do it again today. I do have TONS of work to do for the conference coming up (more than I realize, I think), but I have this evening to start putting it all together.

J is tired today. Up too late last night, I guess. And he's grumpy. I hate mornings that start with grumpy kids. Sometimes I can get them to shake it, sometimes it lingers all day. We'll see how this one turns out.

Not much else to say. Gotta get some coffee.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Brick in the Wall

Today will not be an exciting day. Errands. Again. This morning it is to the chiropractor for everyone, then stuff at the church office, then shopping for a central vac and other sundry items. This afternoon the new Wal-Mart in CP opens, and I am going to try and snag some deals there. So once again, no school.

I had no idea how much this little move into our house would disrupt the school year. Between that and the conference I am helping to organize we have missed so many days. Ah for the weeks when I can get to it every day. Next week we're actually only to get to do one day of school the whole week. But after that, I am buckling down. When we're not in a routine with it, it's that much harder to get the kids into a school day. They seem much more reluctant to sit and study. It's like we're on a perpetual March Break and I keep trying to get them to work while they're on vacation.

Ah well, the week after next we're back at it. And then we'll be making up for some lost time, much to the boys' dismay. Mwahahahaha.

The conference is coming along well. Many curve balls are being thrown our way with "staffing", staging, room assigments and childcare. I don't know if it's the enemy's way of trying to derail things or God's way of testing our mettle. Or maybe both. But the conference will happen, and over 700 church planters will be glad they came. Still can't believe that little old me is helping to organize a nation-wide conference for over 700 people. What were they thinking when they asked me? Ah well, when it comes off without a hitch, God can get all the glory because I have NO idea what I'm doing!

Off to another day with no education.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ahhh, Saturday, with nothing pressing to do. Yes, there is stuff to be done on the computer for the church-planting conference, and the media to be done for church tomorrow, but that can wait until this evening, and right now I can work at a leisurely pace. But no school, laundry is pretty much caught up, and hubby is home. I like Saturdays.

It's shaping up to be a gorgeous day outside. Still 0 degrees, but it's going up to 8, and there's not a cloud in the sky. Mom and Dad, however are calling home to get someone to take their BBQ and deck chairs inside in preparation for the hurricane that is supposed to hit later today. That is one thing I like about our province. Not a ton of extreme weather. Boring is good.

Not much else to say today. I'm happy- the dog let me sleep till 8 am- a record for her in the 2 short weeks we've had her. She has some big shoes to fill, being a "replacement" for the best dog I've ever known, but I think she's up to the task. Toby cannot be replaced, and I'm surprised how much Phoenix makes me miss her, but she's a great dog in her own way.

Alright- well, I'd better to and do something somewhat productive. Even on a Saturday.

Friday, November 2, 2007

This is the song that doesn't end

When you think about it, life is very routine, and the one same thing after another, for the most part. Routine is nice, but sometimes it drives me crazy how much you do one day that has to be done again the next day. Feed the kids. Eat. Laundry. Brush teeth. Take the dog out. Answer the kid's questions. Make the beds. Sweep the floors. Cook dinner. Take vitamins. Shower. Wash the dishes. Empty the kitty litter. Referee the kids. Run errands. Teach school. Drink coffee. It doesn't matter how much you do these things. Within 24 hours (or sometimes minutes) they will have to be done again. It's no wonder I feel like I'm on a treadmill half the time. Maybe it's time to do something spontaneous. But what? Too busy to go on a trip right now- besides, we don't have our passports yet. Shopping? No- that's half the errands I am learning to hate. Perhaps a wine and chocolate evening. Now I'm talking. Or some cheese. Mmmmm..... havarti.