Monday, January 14, 2008

Killing Time

So I'm at "work" with nothing to do. I guess I just type too fast. My "boss" is in a meeeting and I don't want to disturb her, but I have completed the list I was given this morning. (Acutally I completed it an hour ago and have been poking around ever since.) I'm not going to bother leaving early as I have to pick hubby up after work and then go to the garage to pick up our car. Why is noone on msn when I'm bored at work?

All this time leaves me pondering the big questions of life. What does one renovate when one lives in a brand new house? I am contemplating a tile backsplash in the kitchen. Then there's the basement- what was an easy decision has been complicated by the future plans for a fourth bedroom down there. W is very excited that he'll get to sleep in the basement in a couple of years. We have a makeshift den set up there now with an old couch and a new TV (oh by the way, goaliemom, we got a good deal on a TV!) and a soon to arrive eliptical. The next step is actual walls and a floor. I just don't know where the walls are going any more. And now that we're adopting, we don't have the money to do the whole thing anymore- ah yes, back to life on a budget.

We think- for the twentieth time- that we have made up our minds about which country we're going to pick- we're back to Thailand, and pretty soon it'll be too late to change our minds.

Meeting is done- gotta go

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Once again my hubby has brought his work home with him. It's kind of a joke around here, our way of saying that we're getting sick. I guess it's an occupational hazard when you're a pharmacist and come into contact with every bug out there. I'm just thanking my lucky stars it's not the barfing flu. It all started Thursday afternoon when W said he had a headache- he NEVER gets headaches. By that evening he was running a nice little fever and has lost his appetite. Yesterday he was rosy cheeked and hot upon waking and had very little energy all day. It calmed down in the afternoon and then did the usual suppertime spike. Thankfully, he slept all night, but this morning has a fever and headache again.

This morning, hubby woke up and his first words were, "where's the Advil?". So he remains in bed as well with a drink by his side feeling pretty yucky. It's just me and J, and I'm so thankful. If there's anyone in this house that I don't want getting sick, it's J. Not that he's high risk for anything- except drama. When W is sick, he's such a trooper. He just kind of lays around, has lots of naps, and likes to watch TV and play computer. When E is sick he's your typical sick grown man- needs lots of TLC, but as long as I keep him comfy enough up in bed and keep him medicated, he's pretty low maintenance (although I have always wondered why guys get to go to bed when they're sick and moms still do mom stuff). J is a different story- the drama goes to a whole new level when he's sick. It would really be quite funny if it wasn't so annoying. His whole world is ending. He walks around looking as pathetic as he can, just moaning about nothing in particular. I SO hope he doesn't get this flu.

Off to check on the sickies- so much for the family trip to Wal-Mart today.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Movies to never watch.

Disclaimer- do not read this blog if you don't like to know how movies end.

Perfect storm.

White Squall.

Pay it Forward.

Why, you may be asking, would one want never to watch these critically acclaimed movies? Well, let me tell you- in each of these movies, one or several of the favorite characters DIE.

Perfect storm- based on a true story, so they coudln't really change the ending. Watched it several years ago with hubby, and he thought I knew how the story went. But NOOOO- noone ever told me that NONE of the fishermen returned. I thought at least ONE of them would have lived to tell the tale that became a movie. Nope. They just speculated the entire sequence of events because there was NOONE left to tell them. This ruined the entire movie for me.

White Squall- another seafaring movie. I have learned to avoid them. (Although Master and Commander has restored my faith them in them somewhat). Big storm at sea- not EVERYONE dies this time, but the wife does. This ruined the entire movie for me.

Pay it Forwards- now this was a movie that got a lot of attention. It's been on my list of "Must-see" movies for quite some time now. A friend of mine (with whom I shall have to have a little chat) loaned it to me and didn't feel the need to warn me about the ending. The first hour and 40 minutes were FANTASTIC. LOVED IT. And then, just after I told hubby what a great movie it was and that he must see it, the little boy who started all the good stuff got stabbed! I was SO mad- I now hate the entire movie.

SO if any of you ever want to loan me a movie and it has a sad ending- DON'T. No ifs, ands or buts- just DON'T. Movies are for entertainment. It's OK if they make me cry, but by the end of the movie, they must be happy tears. Don't even get me started on the Shadowlands. If a true story doesn't end happily and with inspiration, they shouldn't make a movie of it. Either that, or on the back of the case where they explain the rating (ie violence, coarse language, etc) they should be required to tell you that people you like won't be there by the end of the movie and that if you hate sad endings you should not watch this movie. There's enough of that crap in life. I don't need to watch it on the screen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow covers a multitude of dirt.

I love Christmas. But I also love after Christmas. By the time New Year's comes, I want my neat tidy house back, the decorations look more like clutter and I'm always ready to take them down. We are fully back into our routine now, and I love it. I feel so productive and the kids have lots to occupy them with school and all the new toys.

The holidays were great though. Lovely visit with the folks, and lots of new fun things to do. W kicked off the new year with a hockey tournament. His team didn't win any games, but in their first one he scored his team's only goal and got named by the other team as the MVP. He was a pretty proud little guy (and so was I!).

On the adoption front- not too much new. We have decided on India- seems to fit our needs the best. We are just finishing up our homestudy. Just have to get the last few references in from family and friends, and then we can put all the paperwork together and send it off to the government. Then it's hurry up and wait. If things happen quickly we could have our new little girl by next Christmas (what a present!), but more likely it will be well into '09 before we head off to India.

The weather has been so weird the last few days- 9 and 10 degrees in the middle of January. It's been good, as we've lost almost 2 feet of snow around here and you can actually see our driveway again (and drive down it without risking life and limb). But I find myself wanting just a little more snow again. The dog is coming in with muddy feet all the time. Her poop is surfacing everywhere in the back yard- thought I wouldn't have to play "Find the poop" with the kids until spring. And it's just messy and dirty looking out there. As tired as I am of the snow, it is pretty and hides a lot of mud.

Nothin else to say today. Tired and fighting a cold- I'm off to make some chai. MMMMM.....